In just a few weeks interning in the production department for the Buffalo Bisons, I have learned a lot about what goes into producing a broadcast for a minor league baseball game and have a good idea how many sports broadcasts are produced.

Working in Adobe Premiere, I have developed my skills in creating video packages, as I have developed two blooper reels, two Toronto Blue Jays highlight reels and a pregame package. Using Premiere, I have also learned how to upload video files to the Bisons’ website and an FTP that news stations can retrieve files from.

On computer two, I have used Premiere and Photoshop to create celebrity look-alike packages for late in the game. This is the most time sensitive thing I have done. Second to look-alikes is graphics in terms of time crunch.

Working on the graphics computer, I have created nameplates for pitchers and batters as they enter the game, lineup cards and inning statistics. Though it is not quite as time sensitive as the look-alike packages, it is far more important. After the graphics are created, I send them to the director of that particular game’s programming, either Mike Buttino or CJ Gates.

Though I have yet to work on camera for a game, I have captured B-roll amongst the crowd for video packages during the pregame and first inning of a game.

There was also one instance where I was asked to run in the Bisons’ WCC (wings, celery and cheese) race, where I ran as the celery mascot.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time thus far with the Bisons and look forward to the coming months.