My first day at Townsquare Media of Buffalo was interesting. I came in and was introduced to everyone and they were all super nice. I met Clay and Dale – two people who are on the radio on WYRK – which was really cool. Then I was put to work right away. I started making phone calls to people who were selected to potentially win a contest at an event happening that night. Then I cut up passes for people to wear at the Taste of Country event coming up this Saturday. I sliced my finger open on the paper cutter and had to run to the bathroom for a paper towel then ask my supervisor for a band aid (not something you want to happen, especially on the first day). I am scheduled to go in Friday to help set up for Taste of Country and then Saturday for a 12 hour day to actually help out at the Taste of Country. I look forward to the event and hopefully getting to work on more important projects!