You ever go to professional sporting events and wonder how they keep fans so entertained with things besides the main event? Well, that’s basically my job. I am interning with the Buffalo Bisons in the promotions department. We focuses on the game day fan experience. I helpĀ in executing game day promotions and sold sponsorships. Sounds wicked important and interesting, but honestly most things we do are not. In fact, sometimes I am dressed up as a chicken wing to put things in perspective. I do things like run in a chicken wing race, dance on dugouts, and get the crowd pumped while I throw some free t-shirts. Though some of these tasks seem dumb, I’ve gotten a lot of opportunities to come up with my own ideas. My boss gives us a lot of freedom to discuss suggestions and even bounce some new ideas around. I even recently was put in charge of the upcoming mascot kickball game. I not only have to find and contact around 20 mascots, I also have to plan out the game and what the mascots will be doing during the actual baseball game. Being given this task and opportunity has really helped me remember I’m not just doing stupid intern tasks. I’m really looking forward to the rest of this summer and getting a tan!