This week is my last as an intern at Tops Friendly Markets and I still can’t believe it. My time as a Community Relations intern has gone way too fast! As I think back over the past semester, I realize that I accomplished quite a bit with this organization. I compiled a media report of various mentions from 2016. I sat in on multiple meetings and wrote copy for various projects. Perhaps my largest contribution was the planning of the grand opening of a Tops store in Carmel. When I was given this assignment, I couldn’t believe that they were trusting an intern with such a large project. I quickly realized that planning an event for Tops was no different than planning events for Canisius. The grand opening is this week, and I can’t wait to see how it goes. Though I won’t be able to attend because the store is 6 hours away, I was assured that a lot of pictures would be taken.

From this internship, I realized more about my working style. Here, I was able to work independently yet ask for help when needed. This worked really well for me. I had a consistent amount of work to do, but I never felt overwhelmed. I learned how to manage multiple projects at once and prioritize when deadlines were fast approaching.

Additionally, I was gifted with a wonderful support system in my Tops family. The individuals I worked with were so welcoming and made an effort to get to know me as a person, not just as an intern. I’m going to miss seeing them everyday, but I have been assured that I will always be a part of their Tops family.