As I wrap up my final days at my internship at Channel 4 it is bittersweet. I felt like I’ve accomplished a lot of great things and was a part of an incredible group of people. I’m really happy that I was able to put together a video reel of my reporting at press conferences and in-studio. I also came at a great time to intern with sports because of the big events that have happened in Buffalo sports for the Bills and Sabres (the firing of head coaches and General managers for both teams). I was able to see Mr. Pegula address the media after the Sabres head coach and GM were fired and was able to put together a standup report, do voice-overs and put together a package. In addition I also did in-studio sports reports to add to my reel. I’m very glad that this was made possible so that when I do apply for broadcasting jobs or opportunities, I will be able to send them this reel.

In addition to sports, I got experience in the newsroom and was involved in the daily morning meetings. Just being in the middle of the newsroom when big news breaks was cool (the Facebook killer found dead was one example) as things would get pretty hectic.

It was fun getting out of the office and going to press conferences or places to shoot video, interviews, etc.

If anyone wants to pursue broadcasting or work in TV, this is a great place to be. The sports reporters were able to help and gave great advice. I also really appreciated all of the compliments on my work and video reel.

I learned something new every single day while and was a part of a team that was incredibly smart. All the best to whoever pursues this because for me, it was an absolute pleasure.