Throughout the semester in which I spent working in the Athletic Communications department at Canisius College, I learned how important it is to pay attention to detail and how effective it is on a daily basis. While writing the biographies on the webpage and also creating new webpages for the most recent inductees, detail was important throughout. Also, as the year it went on, it seemed like I was being given more opportunities to use my knowledge of sports and abilitiesĀ in order to help others out around the office each day. Being able to also follow games and update the stats for each individual and team at certain games was certainly impactful in helping me gain a better respect for my position. Being able to work on game notes for games as of late and editing player stats made me take on a little more responsibility and also felt empowering to a certain degree. I already had a great love for sports and always had a knack for writing statistics and doing math within this area only helped me to enjoy what I was doing that much more. I enjoyed who I was working with due to my experience as a writer for the Griffin, but I was able to see the role Athletic Communications plays in collegiate athletics compared to being a sports writer onĀ a seasonal beat for any team. It taught me a lot about the profession and I also enjoyed working with my supervisor, Matt Reitnour, very much. He was there to help me whenever I needed it and I appreciate everything he did for me very much this semester and throughout the last four years. I had an enriching experience at my internship and I greatly enjoyed what I was doing and what I learned as a result. I would highly recommend doing an internship with his department in the future.