The executive editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Dave Shirbman, and his wife Cindy Skryzcki (Canisius alumnus) both came to Canisius to and held a discussion about fake news in today’s society. Prior to the talk at 7PM, I was invited to the 5:30 event beforehand where there was amazing food.

It was great as the class of 1967 was there and I was able to talk to Dave Shirbman, which was good because I will be interning for him at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette this summer. Also Dave Shirbman told me that Canisius interns in the past have always done very well. Also, I talked with President John J. Hurley at this event. I was glad that I talked with him and he is a very nice guy. He led the service in the campus chapel that morning and he knew I was there. I didn’t know he’d be at this event but I went up to him and thanked him for leading the service earlier that day, which led to further discussion. We continued to talk about my future plan — how I’m going to Palm Beach Atlantic University for graduate school and soccer as well as how I will be interning at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for the summer. He told me that when a Canisius student gets their article published in the paper at the Post-Gazette, Mr. Shirbman regularly emails it over to him (so no pressure). I also told President Hurley how I really am glad that they added the opportunity for students to broadcast on ESPN3 and he gave me some inside info about the possibilities of ESPN4 coming up.

During the talk, WGRZ’s investigative journalist Steve Brown interviewed the two speakers and kept it open for questions from the audience to create more discussion. I caught up with him as well, which was good. I also talked with a former editor of the Buffalo News who told me how he made the switch over to the advertising side and is currently at an advertising agency in Buffalo. Overall, this was a great experience and am very glad I went as I was able to network as well as listen to an incredible presentation.