I have had a number of amazing experiences from my internship this semester at the WNY Women’s Foundation. I have enjoyed every minute of it and each day I actually looked forward to going to work there. The women that I had the opportunity to work with are amazing, they each bring something different to the organization, and I loved my boss. Ashley is an amazing boss, she was always checking in to make sure that I was doing okay and accomplishing things that I wanted to accomplish at the internship. This was her first time ever having an intern and I think she excelled in it; the workplace was also great, I felt at home and very comfortable there.

The skills and knowledge that I received from my internship are great and I am so happy to put them on my resume.  I learned new skills, like working with Canva, Hootsuite, and Constant Contact; I learned about all that truly goes into pulling off an event like What She’s Made Of, such as filling out sponsorship forms, following up with vendors, going through a walk through, and even sitting in on a creative meeting. I also had the opportunity to sit in on a communications overhaul meeting with a number of individuals who are currently serving on the board.

I truly felt as though I was a part of the organization, even though I was only there for a few months, I received an email with them and had access to their Google Drive, which may sound silly to be happy about, but I didn’t have to wait and have someone email me something that I may need later on in the day or work week.  When they gave me access to these things, I felt like I was a functioning member of the organization. Although the internship is technically over for the semester, I am still going to come in and work before the event What She’s Made Of on May 22, and I will also work the event which I am so excited about!!