My time at WUFO was amazing to say the least. I feel way more knowledgeable about how the radio business is conducted, and I’ve learned things that I believe will be useful in my future in media. I was able to get a taste of every piece of cake there was at the table, and it was oh so sweet. It felt so good to play such an important part in helping develop a campaign as well as developing marketing materials for the station directly. I got to meet various people in the community; all that have great passions to create changes for the better here in Buffalo. I made such close connections with all of the employees, and I am so grateful that I got an opportunity to get to know them all. WUFO made my experience feel like home, and really appreciated me/my skill set. I will definitely remember to visit WUFO as I go on to chart my own path.

Shout out to all of WUFO, home of the Tom Joyner Morning Show, stay tuned… because the world is listening!