Reflecting back on these four months at Rich Products, my final internship at Canisius, is bittersweet. I am leaving this internship with knowledge that I am a stronger writer, more thoughtful communicator and generally more competent worker because of my work there. Most notably, I have found that the tremendous levels of autonomy given to interns, along with the company’s steadfast commitment to community enrichment and associate growth, has made this internship the most successful of the four that I have had. I couldn’t recommend Rich Products enough to future interns.

Although, as sad as I am knowing that I will soon be ending my time as an intern and embarking on the journey of adulthood and dreams of bank holidays and paid vacations, I feel truly blessed that I can start that adventure with the same company that I am ending my internship experience with.

You didn’t see that one coming, did you?

I have in fact accepted a temporary full-time job with Rich Products after graduation, with plans to hopefully continue my work as an associate after my temporary position ends next December. Being able to transition so seamlessly from college to the work force has been an absolute blessing and I am beyond content that the internship experience I fell in love with so quickly transformed into a job.

If I was to offer any advice to perspective and incoming interns, I’d say this: be open to new changes, get out of your comfort zone and be confident. Even though I have accepted a job, I am still aware of my shortcomings as an intern and have established that I need to work on being more assertive and confident about my ideas and suggestions. Landing any position is exciting – albeit it a job or an internship – but the key is to not get complacent and accept your position, but to continue striving for growth and to continue “aiming high”.

One of the key things that I am taking out of this internship is something that one of my eldest coworkers told me on my first week: “you need to brand yourself.” Like a company or a product needs to establish key traits, missions and appearances, young workers need to as well. It’s time now that we decide if we will be quietly confident or tirelessly loyal or the funny office personality.

As I am beginning to determine what my own personal brand will be, I’m glad that my experience with Rich’s and the Canisius internship program will become a part of it.