For my networking event this semester, I attended this year’s Griff Fair. It was a different experience since I had never been to one before and was intrigued by all the companies that attended. I talked with several at the fair, including HarborCenter, Rich Products, New Era, and many others, and I learned about their companies. This was very helpful for me because it gave me an opportunity to meet and have a conversation with individuals that are employed by these companies and was a very accessible way of learning more about these businesses and what they have to offer. There seemed to also be a variety of the types of companies that were at the fair, and that made it easier for students such as myself to learn about different aspects of the business community. It was also intriguing to learn about the kinds of opportunities that are out there for someone that will graduate in a few weeks, and it also made me realize how lucky we are to have an opportunity on campus to meet with those who work in business and to get a perspective of what their careers are like. I really enjoyed the opportunity of going to Griff Fair this year and it showed me a lot about what could await as college student as I head out into the real world.