For my networking event I went on the AWMC (Association of Women and Men in Communications) field trip to Rich Products last Thursday. For this trip we received an extensive tour of the facilities and got to learn about how the company functions. We got to see the breathtaking renovations of the company and learn about its origin and company mission. We also got to see how the vision of the founders of Rich’s is played out in its day to day operations. During the tour we also got to learn about the various jobs that some of the associates are responsible for. At the end of the tour we sat down in one of their conference rooms where we got to directly hear from a group of associates (two included a Canisius student and alumnus). They spoke to us about what their jobs are and also gave us helpful advice on applying for jobs and ¬†internships. They told us what things employers are starting to look for such as skill sets, how one would fit within the company, effective communication abilities and much more. They also emphasized how important it is for us to expand our networks as much as possible and that it is a very important tool. This was a great experience because it made me feel very hopeful for the future and even granted me a few more people to add to my network here in Buffalo. It is definitely important to get out and expand your network because you never know where they can lead you in the long run.