I attended the annual Griff Fair held on February 28th in science hall at Canisius College. When arriving you had to check in to receive a booklet of the employers that were present. Each employer had their own table and were in alphabetical order, so it was easy to find the employers you were interested in speaking with. There were a lot of students that attended the fair as well as older alumni. I spoke with many representatives and learned a lot about their company and what positions are needed to be filled. As a graphic design major, I found it to be difficult to connect with many employers because they were mostly focused on business, marketing and sales positions. I gave out my resume to everyone I met even though some companies were not graphic design related. I did speak with New Era and learned alot about their internship program and design positions. Everyone I met were very friendly and were enthusiastic about the company they are working for, which makes me believe that there were some great companies that attended. For the future Griff Fair, I would suggest more employers focused on digital media and advertising.