This semester I attended the Griff Fair, which took place in Science Hall. Over 200 employees, and many students gathered together to network. It was overwhelming, exciting, and everything in between. The Griff Fair is probably the biggest networking event that is hosted by Canisius; those that visited understand. Several tables are set up almost on top of one another with a wide variety of employers. What I loved about the Griff Fair was that I could network with a ton of different companies in a bunch of different fields. I met with marketing leaders, individuals working in insurance, healthcare employers, and even someone running a summer camp. No matter what you are interested in, or if you are like me and are interested in everything, there is an employer or person for you to talk to!

I was lucky enough to meet with quite a few companies that I was interested in, and have already contacted them (and even have some up coming interviews!). I truly enjoyed this event because it gave you a taste of everything, so for those that have absolutely no idea what career path to take- I highly recommend it! For those that are sure about a job or company they are interested in- go anyway! You might be surprised what is out there, and you could learn about some really cool companies.