The day before my internship began with El Buen Amigo, I was trying to figure out the logistics of commuting there. But it wasn’t until I was laying in bed that I truly thought about what tomorrow had in store for me. This is my first internship, this is my first time gaining real world experience in my major field — I was finally starting to feel the nerves. What made my nerves be at ease was the warm feeling that I received during my interview by both of my supervisors. At the beginning, I was very nervous and was actively listening to what the internship entailed. It wasn’t until I was asked, “Do you speak Spanish?” that loosened up the nerves and the real conversation started flowing. We started speaking Spanish together and we got to know each other briefly over a nice cup of hot tea — un té calientito. This left a good first impression.

The first day of my internship was quiet but productive. Since I am the only intern scheduled at that time, I was alone for the most part transferring contact information from paper to electronic. I had to go through four binders of contact information that took me the first two days of my internship to complete. In addition, I had to update their Facebook and Twitter accounts on an event that was occurring soon. Carmen and Santiago both guided me through my first week with kindness and hospitality. Each day I learned something new about El Buen Amigo and most importantly, I saw how much Carmen and Santiago care about this organization. After the first week, I can definitely say that I’m enjoying every aspect of my internship so far.