Interning with the Boy scouts has been a fun and interesting experience so far. i’m three weeks in and I’m getting a sense  of what I like and what I would rather not do, which I think is a good thing. I went to a Rotary Club this past Monday and that was my first time attending a Rotary Club meeting and I loved it.  I got to meet people who represent different businesses and talk to them about what they do in their respective fields as well as what they do to contribute to help everyone in the club grow/enhance/expand their business. In addition to that, there are songs that are sung and people get to bash each other and give money because of it (it gets intense). At the office, making calls to ensure that people are attending training events and looking at/adjusting advancement reports are things I’ve been doing as well. There has been some busy work but even then It’s critical to pay attention because to mess up on simple jobs can send a message that’s not so positive, but so far so good!