Two years and four internships later, I honestly cannot believe that I’ve finally reached this moment: my final semester at Canisius College and my final internship (at least of my undergraduate career). Thinking about searching for a full-time job in a few months is terrifying, but that realization certainly doesn’t distract from my current first day jitters. Although I can finally say that I’m confident with my abilities as a worker, that still doesn’t mean that I’m prepared for meeting a new group of people and navigating a new work space.

I’ll be starting at Rich Products as a Communications Intern in their world headquarters here in Buffalo. I’m excited about the multitude of job opportunities within this company and the ability to network with people who have connections around the globe.I’m thinking about pursuing graduate school abroad in the future, so fingers crossed that my experience with this organization will make it easier to get a job abroad when/if I decide to go. However, with great opportunities comes great anxieties. I feel a lot of pressure from my family (and from my student loan payments) to make every move this semester count and having a successful last internship definitely plays a huge role in that.

If I’ve learned one thing from my previous internships, it’s that most of the time, my nervousness is unwarranted and my panic will eventually settle into excitement and ambition. So, for now, I’ve got positive thoughts in my head and I’m trying to focus on my excitement and not my crippling fear of the future.