The start of an internship is the most important part. It is a time to prove your skills, and make a good impression. This semester I will be interning at Calspan, a relatively large company based in Buffalo, NY. Calspan is an independent engineering, testing, and research facility. Employees work with companies and engineers to make driving, flying, and getting from place to place safer. It is their mission to stop crashes, and ensure that every individual gets to their destination safely, regardless of the mode of transportation taken.

At Calspan, I will be working with the marketing team to help promote the company via social media. I will get a chance to tour some of their facilities, including their aerospace testing and training facility located in Niagara Falls. In addition, I will get the chance to work on planning an event for them in the fall. I am looking forward to learning more about social media for businesses, and getting the chance to tour world class facilities.