It’s been quite the semester and the experience at WGR Sports Radio 550.  I walked in there with a fresh look at radio ready to tackle any task they were going to throw at me.  I was enthusiastic about learning the ins and outs of radio and all that it had to offer.  I cut audio for the Bills and Sabres, some of which I enjoyed greatly while other parts I wish I would’ve avoided.  It was fascinating to meet and engage with all of the colorful personalities employed at Entercom.  The gang at WGR was simply fantastic (well, most of them, I should say).  My cutting of audio greatly improved.  My writing up a sports update and then trying it over the air is still a work in progress.  My writing stories for the website needs only a little tweaking, but the passion and drive are still there.  It was fun to do the advertisement reads while the Bills were playing, but it got irritating once the team started to fall into the same old traps.  It was awesome to talk with Howard Simon, as well as shaking hands with Andrew Peters and Craig Rivet on the day I interviewed there.  These are memories I will take with me in the coming years.  It’s very cool to walk by the different studios and see the likes of Mike Schopp, Chris “Bulldog” Parker and Tom Bauerle talking about what’s going on during that day.  I hope to stop by there soon for a visit.  Who knows, I may be stopping by there to put in some hours for some pay.