Today, December 9th, marks my last day at Buffalo Game Space. These past few months have been the best months I have had at Canisius College. During those months, I was creating a sort of Galiga/Space Invaders sort of game. With working only for 10-12 weeks at 8 hours a piece, what I have finished is close to a finished product. The main weapon is a laser, the secondary weapon is a rocket. There is a tertiary item the player controls which is a shield. The player goes up against waves of enemies; each wave gets harder and harder, with new enemies being implemented every few waves. The player will also have certain upgrades to aid them in their infinite battle.

Now, on to the experience at BGS. Overall, everyone was very friendly and helpful. There was also another intern there that specialized in environment design. My internship advisor was John Futscher. He pointed me in the right direction when needed. When I asked a question, he answered it. That is, with respect to whether or not there was a tutorial on Unity. If there was, I would watch that first and then ask more specific questions about that topic. There were a few weeks where I was left alone to go about making my game based on what I knew I had to finish due to John running a business as well as trying to show me how to make a game. If that happened, then one of the other employees there would help me if I needed it.

If you are a DMA student with a concentration in video games, then Buffalo Game Space is the best place for you to go.