Lights, camera, pens, paper… and …ACTION!

My experience at the Apollo Media Center was one that I will never forget! From the moment I walked in, up until my last day… I was greeted and treated with respect. I was taken under the wing of my superiors, and guided through my daily tasks. My role as an intern has helped me grow as person. I was able to put my own communication skills to use, while being able to improve the communication skills of my associates. This has resulted in better communication, an awareness, and a willingness to understand people among the Buffalo community. I got the chance to develop my own public access television show while learning studio equipment. What I loved the most was that I was given the freedom to express myself through my own ideas and opinions regarding my assignments. I assisted in aspects of writing and researching. In all, my internship at the Apollo Media Center has boosted my confidence in myself ,my skill set and my ability to work closely with others.