The networking event that I attended was a Geico lunch put on by the Griff Center.¬† It was in November in Regis. The way that is “operated” was that we had to register prior to the event so that they would have nametags and materials ready for us. There were various tables set up with place settings and they had a different representative at each table to talk with the students. The event began at 12:30, but first¬† they had a quick presentation regarding Geico, and then at around 1:00ish the food came and we ate. During the lunch our representative told us about what she does at the company and students asked questions. They asked her what she enjoyed about working at Geico, and she said the work atmosphere is very encouraging and positive which makes her job more enjoyable. From this experience I learned about what I can do after college, knowing that I do not immediately need to rush into graduate school, but rather can get a job and then maybe consider graduate school later on. I received many pamphlets and contact information for Geico if I was at all interested in seeing what jobs they had available. This is one of the first networking events that I have done, and so I did not ask all the questions that I should have, but now I will be better prepared for my next event.