I am constantly surprised at how easy it is to connect with new people on production shoots, whether it be the actors, the clients or the production crew. And although I was at my internship for a short period of time, I got the chance to meet someone who has really opened my eyes to the reality of freelance production. This person has taught me that the relationship you keep with companies is equally as important as the hard work you put in on production shoots. He taught me to never think of work as “just another day” and instead, as an opportunity to grow and improve on your skills. Every day really is a new day and a chance to get further ahead in the business world and connect with others and get your name out there. At 28, he still wants to go back to school and acquire another film degree in California. You never really forget about the people who impress you and influence you in such a way. I am┬ávery grateful to have met this person, and he really gave me a new perspective on what I love doing.