The Entercom sales team has a habit of putting on some really great parties.  You can expect two things at these parties: great food and a good time.  It was during this time that I was able to talk to those who I otherwise would not have gotten a chance to talk to.  Since the sales team wasn’t where I was looking to get ahead, I stuck mainly to the other deejays that work for Entercom.  The man who does the traffic updates there is Alan Harris,  He talked to me about the time he met Mickey Mantle while sitting on the back porch of the man who gave him his first job.  To hear that story was mind blowing.  Networking means getting to meet new people.  Well, I talked to a man who met the Mick.  Is this the kind of thing networking can bring?  I also talked to Tom Bauerle and Alan McManus about their experiences, and somehow, we got on the the topic of the Bills comeback game (which they both attended in its entirety).  Since Sports is what brought me to WGR in the first place, it was simply incredible to hear their tales of the game.  It was cool to hear about how close they came to leaving, but only stayed because they couldn’t find a ride home.  They talked about it being the greatest game they’d ever attended.  Only networking can bring about that kind of conversation.  As expected, I gave each of them my card and I don’t expect to hear from them anytime soon…but you never know.