At the beginning of my internship at the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library, I was not really sure what to expect, and honestly I was only doing this class because my mom and my adviser strongly recommended it, so it almost felt obligatory. In the first few weeks, I was still feeling unsure about this internship and the work that was assigned to me, and how this would help me later down the road or impact me in any way. About half-way through, I really felt more a part of the organization. I knew where things were and how to get there, and I was given more responsibility than before. At first when I met my supervisor I was quite nervous. By the end it was clear she was a wonderful supervisor. She almost seemed to be more invested in this internship seminar class than I was.  She was always giving me materiel that I could use in a portfolio to show the work that I did at this organization. She was always looking out for me, making sure that I knew what was going on and she was readily available for any questions that I might have had. At my Library internship, not only was I working with my supervisor but I got to work with another office assistant and Maureen who was a huge part of the Gala held toward the end of the semester. By the end of my internship I learned so much, not only about what I like/dislike, but also more about the Library as a whole organization. Throughout my time I was in different roles and working on multiple projects that connected me with the various aspects of the library.

I am very happy that I chose to pursue an internship.  It exposed me to the “real world” and real life experience, which is not only beneficial to myself as to what I may want to pursue but is also a great thing to add to my resume that supplements the many things that I have done for Canisius College. The library internship I think was also a good fit for me, because I had honestly no idea what I wanted to do when Dr. Irwin called me into her office regarding setting up the internship. This was a nice overview and introduction into what Development and Communications could look like in an organization. At  the library I worked two main events, the Gala and Indie Author Day, and through these experiences I learned that I enjoy working and prepping for events, whereas before I was very unsure. The experiences that I received from my first internship will not only help me discover more about myself but will also help me in the next internship that I will apply for.