This final reflection is not only the end in regard to my internship, but it’s a final chapter in my college career. I am very happy to say that my final time in college was not spent in texts and writing papers, but pursuing the real world knowledge I need to go confidently into interviews for a desired position.

I spent the last year in an internship here at Canisius. I worked in our Web Marketing department handling the social media and web content. I was able to practice the technical side of the career like google analytics and content management system. Honestly I would have to say the most important skill it gave me, however, was how to hone my voice as a writer. Handling the school’s social media presence from time to time gave me a platform to grow, Even though I had to stay on “brand,” I was still given enough room to play with. I feel this level of engagement was truly beyond coffee and and copies.

I can not stress enough that if you have an interest in the world of web marketing ,give this internship a shot. It will open your eyes to an industry all of us see but few understand.