As I start to complete my last assignments and finish up taking my final exams, I have taken some time to reflect on my internship at Ronco Communications. When I first started here I had very limited knowledge on IT, but as I am about to leave I realize I have not only learned a lot about IT but also about marketing, communicating, and how businesses work.

One of the most important skills I have developed this semester has been my writing. At Ronco, I spend a lot of time researching and preparing blog posts. I have challenged myself to find unique and different ways to relay information that may already be on the web in some form or another. This is not the easiest task, because IT tends to be a serious field. Despite this, I have managed to come up with fun ways to relay information about IT while also learning a lot about it along the way. I know that the skills I have developed will be useful to me in every job I pursue, whether that is in IT or not.

Internships are incredible learning tools. They not only help students to practice and develop skills they might already possess such as good writing or speaking skills, but they also allow those to be implemented into business scenarios. Before I worked at Ronco, the only writing work I had ever done was for school. Now I have written blogs that were published professionally. I have attended meetings and observed how websites are developed. As a whole, I have grown into an even better employee and attend interviews with confidence knowing that no matter what the task at hand, I possess the skills to complete it or the ability to learn how to do it.