My internship experience in Athletic Communications at Canisius College was enriching and it taught me a lot about working with others and being able to contribute where I worked, in any way that I could. Since it was my first internship, I was unaware how it would turn out for me and if I would truly enjoy it. However, it was an amazing experience; each day I learned more about the task that I was completing. The Hall of Fame biographies were very interesting and as a result, I learned so much about the student-athletes that represented success at Canisius College and what they were able to accomplish. Since I am a sports writer for the Griffin, it was intriguing to learn about the tasks of the Athletic Communications department and I gained a greater appreciation for the work they do on a daily basis as well. Along with working on this important project, I also volunteered to work sporting events on campus throughout the semester. While I will be continuing this project in the spring, I also intend to help out any way I can and continue to be a contributing individual, as well as being a good intern.  And I will finish this incredible project that I started this semester.