The networking event I attended was a unique experience for me, since it was one of the few I’ve ever attended at Canisius. Sponsored by the Canisius College American Marketing Association, the business mixer hosted on November 17th was a great opportunity to learn about and interact with members of our business community and their respective organizations. I got the chance to speak with representatives of various backgrounds of work and how what they studied and learned in college and in the workplace helped them work to the status they are currently at. Companies such as Northwestern Mutual and Ingram Micro were represented at this event and a lot can be learned from just speaking with a company representative for even a few minutes. While I was aware prior that Ingram Micro is heavily affiliated with our campus, but I was unaware as to its importance within the school, as a majority of technology throughout Canisius and the tech footprint the company has on our campus. Northwestern Mutual was intriguing to learn about, in terms of their financial strengths and specialties and how significant it is in the present economic structure. Attending this networking event was eye-opening for me in making connections and also learning about the type of job opportunities that currently exist in today’s business world.