This week, I began my internship with the Athletic Communications department at Canisius College. The main task I will have throughout my time there will be to properly revise biographies of Canisius Sports Hall of Fame members. In turn, they will then appear on the college’s athletic website. However, there is much more to it than the simple task, and that’s because there is also a very rewarding side as well. I also learn about college alumni and the accomplishments that they have achieved here, and in some cases their life after Canisius. So far, I have done research on every Hall of Fame class dating back to 2008, which is before I even started high school. It is so intriguing for me to learn about these individuals and their accomplishments and what they meant to this school. Wednesday, September 14, was my first day at the internship site and it was quite an experience. I began writing the biographies of Sports Hall of Famers, starting with the 2014 class and going in reverse chronological order. My second day was Friday, and I finished about four years worth of inductees, from 2012 to 2008 and everything else in between. While going through this tedious process, what has been most rewarding is learning about the student athletes or coaches that came before us and seeing what they were able to accomplish.It can be quite inspirational to others that aspire to achieve Hall of Fame success, whether on the field, court, or in the classroom.  This helps to teach you that with enough time and effort, anything can be accomplished.