When I first set up my schedule with the library and knew when I was starting I was so excited, until Tuesday came around and that is when the fear set in. I was nervous about whether or not I made the right decision in my placement, would I be bored with what I was assigned here, and would I fit in? Common first day fears for any new start whether it be for school or a new job. When I did show up to the library I was still a little nervous about pointless things now. I went into Joy’s (my supervisor) office, and we discussed what I would be doing during my time here. During that time I was nervous about how I was presenting myself, the questions I wanted to ask, and when I did ask her a question, I was tripping over my own words.

After the formal introduction she took me on a tour of the library and introduced me to people I would be seeing around the office as well as people I would be working with. During the tour I was amazed by the amount of things the library has to offer, such as the Milestones of Science exhibit where they have all first editions of famous scientific books written by Galileo and others, or the 3D printing lab that they have here where you can sign up for a class and then come in and use the printer. The library is more than what I first thought it was; it is advancing with our society and not being stuck in the past like I once thought.

Another interesting thing about the library is that they have a Book-mobile, meaning a library on wheels set up with different types of books and even computers, heading to various neighborhoods to bring the library to them. I thought that it was a fun and creative way of introducing the library to areas that may have recently had new residents move in or introduce the library to families that may have not been there before.

We headed back to the Development office where she assigned me to read over the various pamphlets she handed me throughout the tour of the library. She wanted me to familiarize myself with what the library has to offer and to look at them from my point of view to see how these could be helpful and targeted to college aged kids. I read through them and found that the 3D printer lab could be of interest to DMA students and certain diversity clubs may be interested in the various events that the library hosts such as Hispanic Heritage Month. I brought back my findings to her and she took note of them. She then told me to find contact information at Canisius for her to contact various clubs and departments that may find these things of interest to them. Next  she had me look at their social media, mainly Facebook, and report the findings to her just as I did with the pamphlets. This was my main responsibility of the day, and when I left at the end of the day I was excited to see what my next day would be like at the library.