My time as an intern at WBBZ-TV has come to an end. Time flew by working at WBBZ-TV! It seems like yesterday that I went into a meeting with my supervisor to go over the mid-semester evaluation form. My supervisor couldn’t believe how fast the time had gone when I was in his office Monday morning, thanking him for everything and saying goodbye.

I have only good things to say about WBBZ-TV. My schedule each week was very flexible. I went in two days a week for 4-5 hours and for the most part could choose which days and what times I went into work. Each time I went into work, I was greeted with a smile and hello from each person I passed. I would find my supervisor and go over what I had to do for the day. Usually, I started out my day by posting on social media. Then I would send emails, reaching out to future contestants for WBBZ-TV’s game show called “Bragging Rights!”

I also had the opportunity to explore the production side of WBBZ-TV when I wasn’t busy posting on social media or emailing contestants. I learned a little bit about their production operating system, by sitting in the production room a few times while they filmed for their TV show, “Talk Of The Town.” I also had the opportunity to get behind one of their cameras to tape an interview.

My favorite part about the internship was being able to get out of the office and go to the Taste of Buffalo press conference at Tops and interview the Mayor of Buffalo and the Tops President. I was able to then help edit the film from that and produce a tape recording of me covering the press conference. My supervisor told me to use that as a recruitment video as I pursue a career in broadcasting. He also gave me the contact information of a woman from Channel 4 News and told me to reach out to her for an internship with WIVB, which is pretty awesome.

I highly recommend that any student looking to pursue a career in broadcasting or production interns at WBBZ-TV. It’s a great place to start off! I thank WBBZ-TV for all that I’ve been able to learn and experience!