I will be ending my internship on August 12, so I have a few more weeks left; however, it’s amazing how much has happened since my first week at the beginning of June! I’ve learned a lot about the field of event planning and also about myself as a worker.

I’ve had the opportunity to work on four major events with IH. I helped with the execution of Kids Run during my first week and I also assisted my supervisor with creating the media report for the event and tying up other loose ends. I’ve purchased an insane amount of school supplies in order to prepare for a wellness fair known as Good for the Neighborhood where families in need are given school supplies. I’ve called countless restaurants, breweries, wineries, and other companies to ask for donations for the Serving Up Success fundraiser. This fundraiser is integral to IH as the proceeds fund events like Kids Run and their Soccer for Success program. Finally, I’ve helped with the preliminary preparation for First Night Buffalo, held on New Year’s Eve. I’ve researched various ride companies and performers that could be a fun addition to the event. Through these experiences, I’ve learned the importance of working in a group, communicating clearly, staying organized, and going with the flow. All are integral to event planning and are good life lessons as well.

I’ve also learned how to manage my time and to ask for more work. I’ve realized that I work better when I have multiple things I need to juggle. I struggled at this internship at first, because I usually only had one task at a time because no one wanted to overwhelm me. I asked for more work and was also honest with my coworkers and told them I worked better when I had more than one thing to do.

Overall, Independent Health has been a great experience. I can’t believe that I’m almost finished, but I’m excited to use what I learned in other capacities.