My first day at Independent Health was incredibly overwhelming. I was given a very quick tour of the few rooms where the Independent Health Foundation is located and even quicker introductions of the nine other women who worked in the office. The office is currently prepping for the Kids Run on Saturday. Over 5,000 individuals have been registered for the event so there’s a lot to do to ensure that the event runs smoothly. The first task I was assigned was to lay out a tinsel curtain and tape the top so that it wouldn’t rip when kids pulled on it. Not quite what one would expect from an internship! My second day involved checking and re-checking the various bins to ensure that we had everything we needed and storing them in the order they’ll be loaded on the truck. The day before the event will be spent loading the truck and setting up what we can in Delaware Park.

Though it felt super overwhelming to jump into the preparation for an event and to learn everyone’s names, I adapted quickly. The stress and adrenaline of event week is something I’m familiar with so I think that helped me feel more comfortable. Each of the women in the office are also incredibly friendly. Whenever I was with one or two alone, they always made a point to ask how I felt about my position so far and offered to answer any questions.

I’m super excited to see what other experiences I’ll have over the summer. I’ve loved my first two days and can’t wait to see what’s next!