I am Nicole Lowe, a Canisius College senior Advertising/PR major. This summer I was afforded the wonderful opportunity of interning at Eric Mower + Associates (EMA), an advertising/ branding/public relations firm (and they do much more!). After several interviews at EMA I was sure that it was the right place for me.

My first day began with a tour. When I interviewed I only saw two different rooms, and was very impressed. However, after this tour, impressed is an understatement! EMA fills the 13th floor of downtown’s Fountain Plaza building with the swankiest interior design for an office I have ever seen. The furniture is┬ásleek and modern, the many views of the city were beautiful, and the kitchen and bathroom were enough to make you wonder if you were at the house of Eric Mower himself! Though a small part of the “first week” experience, the stylish office had a large impact on me. If ever I got tired or felt like I did not belong, I just looked around and reminded myself, “you’re in the big leagues now” and internally sang “The Jefferson’s” theme song (“we’re moving on up”). The beauty was overwhelming.

The aesthetics were not all that pleased me. While waiting for work to do, my supervisor told me to look through their client Seagram Escapes’ files. The PR team just got done doing a project for them that involved Kelly Rowland, R&B singer and former member of Destiny’s Child. I got to see behind the scenes photos, videos, and even viewed Rowland’s press schedule. I was so excited, and the feeling did not end there.

Today was my second day and I was given more work than yesterday. It was a weird and invigorating feeling when I was given projects that I knew I could do and do well, thanks to all the PR courses I took with Dr. Foster. I felt very prepared and very capable, and it was a bit surprising.

I am happy to know that Canisius did what they said they would when I first applied and gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to be successful.

It was indeed a great first week.