I have nothing but positive words to say about my internship at WNYBAC. Overall my experience there has been so welcoming and comforting. I feel like my supervisors have become friends to me. (They make fun of me for accidentally putting in the store phone number into my phone. I was texting the store instead of my supervisor for weeks until we caught it.) Even through a difficult semester, going to my internship was very non stressful. I could spend hours digging through type, getting frustrated when I don’t have enough letters and building forms. It was nice to be able to put on music and just work on something creative for a few hours. I have discovered a new love for letterpress printing and I am so excited to continue my internship there after I graduate.

Aside from letterpress, I’ve learned other techniques such as screen printing, bubble printing, pamphlet stitches, paper cutting with an antique paper cutter, paper folding, how to prep a gallery for an exhibit, submitting events into online calendars, using the iPad cash register, running workshops and so much more.

I have also met some pretty interesting characters including a girl who wrote a poem about a bug, a group of middle schoolers who were doing “Legally Blonde: The Musical” at school, an artist from Japan who is still getting the hang of English (She is getting better and also is super nice. She gives me hugs whenever she comes in), a guy who had a coffee grinder in his backpack (also had coffee), a bunch of really cute old ladies and a dog named Mina (One of my supervisors dogs).

I think that being at WNYBAC was a really good decision. It’s a place where weird people like me can fit in, be silly and do creative things.