Well, my two internships are closing out rather quickly. They were easily the best ones of my college career and have given me plenty of confidence as I graduate.

My Buffalo Rising internship was the second time I worked with the website, and my output was much more expansive than the first. I admit I did have a rough start with the particular topic of building preservation, something I’m honestly not interested in. But once I was given more random stories, I was finally able to take off. It made me realize that if I ever get assigned to do beat work at any job I have, it might be a while before I get comfortable in it and churn out stories on a regular basis.

The WBFO internship got me involved with many local issues and events. I had something to do every day I was there, whether it be actually reporting a story on my own or helping someone else out with theirs.  Some of the weirder stories I reported on dealt with the likes of self-driving cars and an airport snow-clearing equipment show. But I did manage to report on some local politicians, a group of Bernie Sanders supporters, and how Kirsten Gillibrand is fighting sexual assault. I still have to finish my final story about urban gardens, where I get to provide narration over my other audio. This experience showed me not just how radio news works, but how a hectic newsroom in general works. And I liked it very much.

These are the last internships I’ll have before I graduate in a few weeks. Hopefully, the work I’ve done with these will lead me into a proper job in due time.