I attended the “Career Panel: Sports and Health Career” networking event on April 12  in Horan-O’Donnell on the Canisius campus. The students that attend the panel were mostly in the sports and marking field.  The networking event was in a panel format and the three panelist answered questions based on their education and careers.  First, they gave us their background story and how they started in their career.  Each panelist graduated from Canisius with their masters.  Their answers about how they got started were similar; it was great to hear that their internships and networking paid off.  Each alumni recommended getting involved and staying involved with organizations and places you have worked.  They said that it going to be difficult in the beginning, but doing as much work as you can (even if it’s free) to get your name out there because it will help you in the long run.  Although this networking event was not geared towards Digital Media Arts, the panel had great advice for post graduation.

The panelist that I found most interesting was Matt Crawley ‘13.  He works as the Head Sports Performance Coach with IMPACT Sports Performance in the HarborCenter.  Before he started his career, he had six internships. Matt showed a great example of hard work and perseverance. His best advice was to continue your education and form good relationships with the people you meet.