For my networking event, I took part in Ignatian Scholarship Day a couple of weeks ago. Ignatian Scholarship Day is a great tradition at Canisius College that allows students to show off major academic work and research that they have completed this past year.

I participated by doing a poster presentation about a paper I wrote for Dr. Wanzer’s Gender Communication class. My poster was titled “Gender Differences in Salary and Salary Negotiations in the Workplace” and I focused mainly on the topic of wage inequality for women, as well as other struggles women face in the workplace like difficulties negotiating their own salary, the glass ceiling all working women still face, and the consequences of women not being paid equally to men.

The poster display was a great way for me to network with people at Canisius I would never have been able to meet and talk to otherwise. I displayed my poster in Science Hall along with about 20 other students, and we got a great turnout of people interested in what Canisius students have been working on. I was able to discuss my research with a variety of people, from students to parents to faculty members to administrative staff. Not only did I talk about my paper, I was also able to introduce myself and talk about my career aspirations and what I am interested in. This was a great opportunity to sort of stand out in the Canisius community and get my name in the heads of some people that otherwise I would have never been able to talk to. Although it may not have been the most traditional career networking event, I was able to discuss what I can do and what I have to offer to a whole new group of people that did not previously know me.