When it comes to networking and resume building activities, WBBZ-TV is full of them.  Shooting a commercial at a Bowling Store in North Tonawanda would be one example.  There, I helped set up the camera and the lights, as well as moved shelves around to give the man being filmed more room.

Another example would be helping the production of “Polka Buzz”, which was filmed in the Potts Banquet Hall in Cheektowaga.  There, I helped in setting up the lighting, as well as putting a red tint over the light to create a more dramatic look.  Helping in the Studio for the game show “Bragging Rights” as well as working the camera for an episode of “Talk of the Town” was also a highlight.

I feel that not only are these resume building activities, they’re also giving me experience for the future (although, they’re one in the same in this case).  I’m very glad that I was able to get my hands on the equipment and help out in any way I could.  I’m sure anyone seeing these feats on a resume would be impressed, and would want to know more.