My networking event for the semester ironically occurred at the most unexpected time, during my vacation to Walt Disney World over Easter break. During the annual International Flower & Garden Festival held in one of the parks, a panel was held that featured representatives from HGTV in addition to professionals from all sorts of organizations. I was able to hear talks from some truly interesting people that shed light on how the world of entertainment can really play a role in the ecological growth of the world around us. Following the talk, I was able to travel around some booths that were set up by different organizations, one of which was an organic skincare brand that was started independently out of Georgia. The representative was really into sharing the story of how the brand came to be one that is becoming recognized on a larger scale, which was actually very inspiring to hear. Although nature and home improvement companies don’t seem to be necessarily related to the music industry, I see every connection as a potential opportunity for future dealings. If in a few years I’m working on finding event sponsors or endorsement deals for artists, I’ll have some brand connections that the competition might not necessarily have access to.