When done with the right person, an informational interview can open several doors in the professional world. Given that the pressure of an actual position is off the table, these meetings with people in legitimate fields of work can prove to be a more relaxed way to get first-hand advice and insight on potential positions. Going into an informational interview of my own, I was more excited than nervous to get to know someone in the field of radio that I hadn’t been able to track down during the length of time at my internship. Overall the experience was highly helpful and gave me a new outlook on how flexible the music industry can be, given the past work experiences of my newly made connection. I learned how the certain degrees of separation can be the most powerful tool in networking, as the music world is so tightly knit. While gaining the contact info from another professional in the field is something I held in high esteem, I feel that the most beneficial piece of information I walked away with is to not be afraid of starting out small because in this industry even the smallest role can magnify at a rapid pace.