As the semester comes to a close, that means internships are coming to an end as well.  As internships come to a close, that means that it is time to consider whether our goals were accomplished, and reflect on what we learned.

Personally, I had many goals coming into my internship, but my main goal was to learn. This was my first ever internship.  My first ever experience away from school, in the real world.  My internship has been with Neglia Ballet Artists, working on PR and Marketing.  I can already say that my main goal has been accomplished.  I have learned so much from working at Neglia, from simple things such as writing emails in a professional and succinct manner, to bigger things such as finding sponsors, working on websites, and assisting with an upcoming event.

I have been lucky enough to been offered the opportunity to continue working with Neglia part time after my internship comes to an end, and I am so looking forward to this, as I feel that I still have so much that I can learn!  Working with Neglia has given me the option to work on many different projects at once, all different and exciting in their own way.

I have learned already that I love the atmosphere of Neglia: it feels like a family, one where questions are encouraged and so are different thoughts and ideas.  This is the type of environment that I hope to find for my future career.  I also know that working with different projects, something different everyday, is something that I really enjoy. This internship has been an invaluable experience for me, one that I am so grateful for.  I have learned not only about the field I am considering for my career, but also learned more about myself, and what I hope to have in the future.  I still have a lot to learn, but I know that this has been a great stepping stone in the right direction.