I attended the PRSSA networking event on April 24th in Montante and I found it very useful. The two people that I spoke with and really enjoyed were Zack Schneider, Partner of 15 Fingers, and Therese Hickok, Vice President of Buffalo Niagara Partnership. Zack eased my mind when talking about how he wasn’t nervous or scared to go back to school later in life when he realized he wasn’t using his first degree. I’m pretty scared that I’m going to end up in that situation but knowing that he did that and still owns his own company and is doing well makes me feel like starting over later wouldn’t be automatically detrimental. Therese I really appreciated because she proved that working a couple years at a job and switching isn’t detrimental either. I know myself and I know that I don’t like to do the same thing for too long because I lose my passion for it. This is partly why I have 5 different part time jobs, because I know if I just had one and had more hours then I would get bored fast and my work wouldn’t be as good.

Therese also explained to me that it’s not a bad idea to just approach local businesses with a general sample of work that fits their genre just to get my name out there. I never really thought of this but I think that I will make that a project for over the summer. She also said that bringing food or being known for bringing a treat always helps and that has actually influenced her decisions before. Now I just have to figure out what local businesses or non-for-profits I should approach with the work that I would like to do and whether I should make lemon squares or snicker-doodles.