For my networking event requirement, I attended an event that the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO)  hosted on April 10. The event featured Chris Stevens, former VP of Corporate Relations of Keurig, the manufacturer/innovator of the pod-based coffee maker that graces millions of counter tops. Stevens spoke of his experience working on the management team of a major corporation and shared some bits of advice he learned. One bit of advice I took away was, ““you have to be nice to people on your way up in a company, because you never know if you’ll see them on the way down.” Such good advice, as you might not always remain at the top.

The event was attended by students and other area business leaders. During the reception afterwards, I was able to meet Stevens and some other area businessmen. I found out where they work, what their position was, how they got there, etc. It was beneficial meeting some area industry players. While none of the attendees worked in the publishing industry which I am looking to work in, I did make some beneficial contacts. In small towns such as Buffalo, everyone knows everyone, so one of these contacts may have a contact that is in need of someone of my profession. This event also provided an opportunity to work on my small talk skills with people I do not know.