I attended the Communication Majors Networking Event on April 28th in Montante Cultural Center.  It lasted from 6:30-9pm.  I met with one person that I felt was noteworthy.  Zach Schneider from 15 Fingers gave important advice about trying to make money on your own.  He comes from the entrepreneurial background, with experience in digital media arts and video production.  I believed this to be true, that there are no set steps into finding your career path.  He says you have to have passion, and without it, it is doubtful that one will be successful.  I thought it was also important that success doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone.  There are people who want to be millionaires and people comfortable having a stable lifestyle.  Zach was one of these men.  After working from company to company and creating his own companies, the best way he could enjoy his work was to have passion.  He was ambitious and driven, motivated for what comes next.  None of us are psychics, we don’t know where tomorrow may take us.  Don’t plan your life so strictly, go with what feels right and do just that.  As an inspiring writer for television, I take his advice of continuing to write and work for it.  Going out there and meeting other people who have the same passions as you is beneficial to finding your true career path.