A few weeks ago, I went to Roswell Park with several members of the Association of Women and Men in Communication to network with communication professionals who work at the institute. It was an exciting and enlightening experience that allowed us to get a feel for many different jobs in the communication field.

We began by touring the Creative Services department and speaking with the director as well as several other people who work in the office. It was really interesting to hear about how a company like Roswell Park functions and what the office does to advertise the services it provides. Although I am not currently planning on going into the advertising field, speaking with the creative professionals made me consider what it would be like to do that type of work.

After Creative Services, we spoke with Mary Rose, a woman who works with donors, about her position. She has a true passion for her work and it was really inspiring to see how much she enjoys her job. She also gave us some interviewing tips and even quizzed a few people on their elevator speeches!

Finally, we went to the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation, where I currently intern. Although I already knew the people we networked with there, I enjoyed showing the other students exactly what I do and where I work.

The Roswell Park networking experience was extremely positive and I feel that I made many great connections during our time there. Although it is sometimes intimidating to talk to so many successful people, all of them were so friendly and willing to answer any questions we had.