Mitchell Hall, Home of the Development Office

I began my internship this semester with the following goal statement:

I would like to have a few portfolio pieces by the time I am done with my internship, including a press release, a news article, and magazine story.  I would also like to develop and implement an original social media plan, of which I can track the success  and learn which aspects of it worked and which ones didn’t.

I will be leaving my internship with all of this goal statement completed, and then some. I have only two days left of my internship. After speaking with my supervisor last week, I now know she has dedicated one of these days completely to helping me put together my portfolio, a gesture for which I could not be more grateful. Other than news releases and articles, I will also be adding a postcard for which I wrote the copy to my resume, as well as Elmwood Village Association spots.

A Nichols Postcard Mailer for which I wrote the copy


At the beginning of the semester I wrote and rewrote a social media plan for the remainder of the school year, which we have since implemented every step of the way. I have brought new ideas to the social media use in the office, including scheduling “Did you know” posts for every week and introducing a “Throwback Thursday” for which I have been compiling a spreadsheet of posts out of old Nichols yearbooks.

Something else that I will be leaving the internship with is a greater knack for writing in AP Style. I have always considered myself a strong writer and I’m sure my supervisor would agree, but I struggled for a while with writing in AP Style and also with adapting that to Nichols’ own style guide. My supervisor ingrained AP Style into me, to the point where I left myself  Post-It notes on my computer instructing me to “STOP USING THE OXFORD COMMA” and to “STOP DOUBLE-SPACING AFTER PERIODS.”

My friendly reminder

Overall, I’m still not sure if Public Relationships and Marketing are jobs that I would want to pursue in the long-term, but I feel as though my internship at Nichols gave me so many learning experiences and so many skills that I can bring into my future, no matter what career I end up pursuing. I also made so many great relationships with the people who work in the Development Office and I am very sad to go and not to see them every week. I would love to stay at Nichols if I could to help them keep up with their social media and pick up any slack in the office just because of the people I worked with. Nichols provides a great working environment and I couldn’t have been any luckier than to have landed in the internship that I did.