My first internship was not my favorite experience, but was beneficial and did not discourage me.  Rather, it encouraged me to complete another and for that I am very grateful.  My time at Journey’s End has allowed me to grow as an individual, learn more about my passion for service and refugees, meet and be inspired by incredible individuals all while pursuing a career in my field.  Like my first internship, I was intimidated at first, but I quickly found myself at home amongst the staff and clients at JERS.  I met many individuals from different cultures and heard their stories which allowed me to feel more and more passionate about the work I was doing.  I was exposed to several cultures, activities and influential individuals.  My supervisor, Andy Cammarata did not treat me as an intern, but as an equal. She trusted me and respected the work I did.  She always had my best interest at heart, introducing me to the right individuals, preparing me for interviews, and providing me with the most wonderful letter of recommendation.  I learned that work can be enjoyable and that dedication goes a long way.  I was able to complete my goal of learning more about the non-profit business sector by working with a fundraising model called Benevon.  At first it was not so interesting, but as I helped to play out each step of the model it was interesting to see how each step played a part, a part that I helped with.  Projects Andy and I had agreed I would complete in my time there, were completed and I was given positive feedback.  I was created invitations to events we held, and company brochures.  I helped to plan the annual fundraising event and help host monthly tours.  I was not certain that my passion and my major would mesh into a career for me, but I was able to see that I am well versed in many aspects of the field and with a passion, I am able to do whatever I dedicate myself to.