My experience interning at WGRZ-TV Channel 2 exceeded my expectations. I not only improved my knowledge of the broadcast industry and improved my writing abilities, but I also learned that I have a strong interest in pursuing a career in television.

Going into the internship, I’ll admit I was nervous if I would be knowledgeable enough to complete assignments and if I would enjoy my experience, but stepping out of my comfort zone paid off.

I learned that the writing skills I learned from my print and online background were applicable to television writing as well, with a few modifications.Over the course of my internship, I became more and more confident in my abilities to work in broadcast.

One of my favorite parts about interning at Channel 2 was that I got to work with various people at Channel 2. In my other internships, I really only got the chance to work directly with my supervisor. At Channel 2, I worked with the station’s photographers, reporters, producers and anchors. I got the chance to go out with photographers and interview subjects, see how photographers set up their shots, observe reporters conduct interviews, write VO’s and VOSOT’s, watch the producers set up their shows, and watch the shows from the control room. Throughout my internship, I learned various skills from people in all different roles at Channel 2, and formed multiple professional mentor relationships.

I truly believe I learned more about the journalism industry in this semester than any other. Every day was different and every day I left Channel 2 I had learned something new. I would recommend this internship to any journalism student interested in broadcast or someone who is passionate about writing of all kinds that is curious about the television industry. I really have nothing negative to say about my internship experience, only that I wish I knew sooner through my coursework that broadcast was an area I would like and do well in.

My internship experience at Channel 2 was invaluable and I feel much more prepared to enter the journalism field with this new skill set. I am currently applying to and pursing a job in the broadcast field as a news producer, associate producer or web producer.